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The Cycle

Everything is in a circular mechanism in our universe. But that does not mean that we draw circles only to end up in the same place again and again. We revolve together and make progress, we wander, we discover. As the earth revolves around the sun with all the other planets that are its teammates, they also travel in our galaxy as the Solar System as our galaxy does around other systems. Not a single body of matter stays in the same place, ever. Everything always progresses. Time flows, positions change. It falls on the professionals to form and catch up with this cyclical rhythm and create a system for brands and contents. If you form the correct cyclical system, you open the door to an eternal journey full of great discoveries.

You make a promise to the universe, the world, your stakeholders and your clients that you will give them much more than what you took from them in return, and you indeed fulfill that promise. And that opens the door to the perfect economy. You do not get fat as your income increases. Terms like “operational blindness” and “elephant effect” do not apply to you. You free yourself from a world of monotony and linearity that the linear economy created and discover brand new spaces.

Get ready for change. Imagine the new constitution on the work ethics and philosophy of artificial intelligence (A.I.) that will be written in a future world. Will the A.I. work to grow businesses or prevent the end of the world? Of course everything will be people and nature-centered. Tens of international brands have already started getting ready for this future. They spend a lot of time and effort to determine people and nature-centered marketing and communication strategies. And that’s exactly where we stand as b.i.r.

We help our brands discover the miracle this cyclical system will create. We employ our A.I. to work in that direction, and we do too. Our company culture and our approach to communication completely focuses on creating and executing this cycle. The time has long come that a people-oriented form of communication and circular growth returns more than it earns to the nature and humanity. The progress towards future is cyclical! b.i.r.’s cycle-based approach is changing the rules. If you want to be a part of this movement, write to us, call us or join us.



as they become people-oriented, the part they take in our lives becomes more indispensable.

Contents are getting more and more professional every day and they are growing in importance. As they evolve, so does the society and content begins to shape its vision and information.


One day everyone will turn into a content… Thinking about the future, designing the future, living for the future… Yes, one day everyone will turn into content.


While b.i.r ensures that all of its stakeholders benefit from the latest opportunities in science and technology, it creates new standards pertaining to the industry every day.

Circular Economy

Imagine a world where people give back to society more than what they earn… Welcome to the world of manufacturers who embrace this radically different philosophy of earning!