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General Mobile


General Mobile

Our Idea – Implementation – Result
Our first focal point was for the brand to establish trust and be seen as an element of power. This would help us become a prominent player in the fast developing mobile phone industry. Our campaign turned us into both the top and the fastest selling mobile phone brand in Turkey. Our growth happened at such a fast pace that in 7 months we became a participant in the thousands of congresses governing Turkey. We broke revenue records as we became one of the top 1000 companies in Turkey. One such unbelievable record was the sale of 1700 phones in a single day in the branches of a single tech store brand. All of a sudden we started getting distributorship deals in ex-Soviet bloc countries. Our brand entered the market with such force that in just two years time a global brand was born in Turkey. We have carried out 4 different large scale campaigns in 2 years.

General Mobile – A Dream that Came True
General Mobile was joining the mobile phone market at a time where many brands and technologies were already competing at a high level. Its trump card was its dual SIM card capability. Many other brands also worked in that area and had products, but the fastest player would win and General Mobile’s novicedom was a big problem. We were to create a new brand, establish trust with the end user, promote a new image and meanwhile outsell the competitors with a very limited budget. This project could really be one of the rarest success stories in the entire world. General Mobile was challenging the biggest players in the market as it built everything from scratch.

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General Mobile