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Our Idea – Implementation – Result
We focused our attention on a sequel idea that was in line with the Campet concept. Our strategy was to transfer all the energy we created in our Campet campaign to our Limonata (Lemonade) campaign, and this helped our product ener the market a lot more forcefully than its competitors. Sales skyrocketed since the first stage of our campaign and they remained at this peak almost for a year even after our campaign ended. One of our proudest projects, the Limonata campaign satisfied both our brand and us and changed people’s habits.

Campet – Habits will Change
Doğanay Limonata met Campet bottles, and presented itself to its consumers with a brand new image. This was a generally challenging market re-entry process. Our agency was chosen to manage this process, two years after our prior work with them. Our task this time was more difficult, yet more gratifying. It was exciting to execute the Creative Communications Strategy, our favorite area, for the reimaging of a brand that we worked with before.

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