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Our Idea – Implementation – Result
Our brand held a very comfortable lead in the home textile industry despite the serious competition at the time, and it wanted to consolidate its position in the market. In order to serve this objective, we centered our campaign on an artistic point of view in the home textile industry. Our execution made a tremendous impact. Our campaign was positively reflected in the sales numbers all the while reaching new heights in terms of both sales and brand perception. In two years we have carried out two big campaigns.

Brillant – “He is in Love with Me” – “Curtain has Come Back to Life”
Our brand already saw high sales numbers with the help of our previous campaigns. Therefore an image campaign was the next step. Our task was to execute this campaign in the most correct and effective way possible.

BRİLLANT - Advertisement “He is in Love with Me”

BRİLLANT - Advertisement “Curtain has Come Back to Life” 1

BRİLLANT - Advertisement “Curtain has Come Back to Life” 2