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Anı Tour


Anı Tour

Our Idea – Implementation – Result
We preferred multiple advertisement with similar concepts in order to relate each one of our messages separately. Merging all the essential service information into one concept would both decrease the power of the ad spots and could shake the consumers’ faith in the company. IN order to keep the budget low, we used desktop display advertising for most of the project. We directed our media strategy towards goal-oriented spaces with affordable prices. In the end, we far exceeded the target number of reservations.

Anı Tour
Anı Tour brand offers many services that focus on tourism. Since every single one of these were prominent enough to demand their own campaigns, we had to keep the costs low yet provide the correct form of communication with the customers and accurately inform them at the same time. Generally speaking, the objective was to become the most preferred brand in tourism season and execute a communication strategy that focused on early reservations.

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Anı Tur