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Our Story

The earth always rotates at the same speed. One year still lasts 365 days and 6 hours. Nothing changes, or so it seems. Let’s change our perspective and think again. The earth and the universe tries, changes and evolves at the same rate of speed… As b.i.r, we also have a cycle, and we call it the progress cycle of our universe. Among all the different cycles of the universe, we discover the most appropriate progress cycle for you. We do not advertise. We create a story for you, and we turn you into content…

We are b.i.r (brand in royalty) Agency. We know that advertisements are temporary but content is always permanent! If you would like your brand to contribute to the change and progress in the world, it has to be turned into content. One either becomes part of the content or the content itself. It is that simple, and simple is beautiful. Some things are just beautiful, it has nothing to do with money.

Look at the world with the freshest perspective. Let us design the world that you want to be a part of and your cycle, let us help you become content. People won’t just like you, you’ll be in their lives! Imagine taking your brand one step further. Become a part of the circular economy. Discover the circular speed of the universe along with all your constituent elements and your stakeholders, and commune with it. The earth rotates at a speed of 1670 km/h. It revolves around the Sun at a speed of 108000 km/h. No vehicle on earth has reached that speed yet…

But despite that incredulous speed, one year always lasts 365 days and 6 hours for us. Now let’s calculate the distance the Earth covers in a year: 108.000 x 24 x 365 = 946.080.000 km + (plus 6 hours x 108.000) = 946.728.000 km. This is just the distance that the entire human population travels in space by being on Earth. For b.i.r Agency, the biggest and the most comfortable vehicle that we travel in the longest distances, the only vehicle that allows us to travel the whole universe is the Earth itself.

We use our fees to perform scientific work, create art, think, travel, look for different perspectives, discuss and go to where no one has gone before. We work so hard that we can claim it is our modus vivendi. We do not only discover the stories needed to become content, we create those contents. We value everything culturally and learn from everyone. We cannot work with people who do not have a yearning for discovery. b.i.r expertly assumes the required roles in the story of the cycle that it lives with and for you.


We set up collaborative workspaces with great creative minds all around the world.

When we take on creative work, we ensure that brands’ communication strategies make people happy. Our goal is to improve the content and pave a path for the brands to have the right communication while keeping people happy with the work we do.

Creative Approach…

As b.i.r, we bring people-oriented creative contents into existence as we closely follow those created by others. We always think about how we can collaborate with and provide people-oriented contributions to the creative works that we follow in Turkey and around the world.

Together we change the world!

Reaching people with advertisements proves to be a more difficult task every day. At b.i.r, we offer a unique alternative that will make your brand accessible. This way, we provide your brand with a memorable image in people’s minds.