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Why Should Brand Placement Be Used in Movies?

Do you think you really have enough information on brand placement? What’s most commonly referred to as product placement in Turkey, or brand placement as we prefer to call it, is not a well-understood concept. Therefore one can frequently observe misapplications of the idea. It is an undeniable truth that the brand placement industry has to work with brand placement agencies so that it can fully and properly work, or even be called an industry to begin with. That guarantees the rights of the parties and ensures that the business is conducted via professional contracts. One can understand the importance of this industry by looking at the US. The numbers show that the earnings in the industry multiply every year. Almost every single blockbuster Hollywood movie that you watch now has brand placement (product placement) in them. But how many of those have you noticed in 2017 movies?

You must have heard of ‘’La La Land’’ that has won several Oscars. A Toyota Prius was used in the movie. The protagonists asks the valet for the keys to his Prius, which is a good example of the movie successfully absorbing the brand.

Marka Yerleştirme
Marka Yerleştirme

‘’Lion’’ presents us another successful example of brand placement (product placement). A five-year-old kid named Saroo is lost in Calcutta, India, and he goes on a journey to find his family 25 years later. He uses an HP laptop to conduct his search. We can also see Google Earth and Windows OS in the scenes as examples of brand placement (product placement). This is another example where the brand is fully integrated into the screenplay and actually supports it.

Marka Yerleştirme
Marka Yerleştirme

‘’Logan’’ is one of the movies that saw the most amount of money spent on brand placement (product placement). Ford has paid the production company 1 million dollar for the car that the protagonist drives in the movie. This figure was at 750.000 dollars for the Chevrolet the side character drives and is seen for a total of 3 minutes in the movie. The Chrysler that Wolverine drives for the first half of the movie cost the company 2.1 million dollars. These examples demonstrate how factors such as which character will use the product and for how long the product will be visible change the fees associated with the brand placement.

Marka Yerleştirme
Marka Yerleştirme

Brands attempt to reach more consumers on a global scale through brand placement (product placement) in Hollywood movies. So why do you think they prefer this method? The answer is quite simple…

While an advertisement is watched by about 15 million people, movies can reach about 120 million people via movie theaters and DVDs. Therefore brand placements (product placements) for movies that will have a worldwide release are both more profitable and have a larger audience reach, presenting better benefits to the brands.

People usually avoid advertisements, however when they see a brand in a movie that they loved and were affected by, it can make the brand more appealing for them. And that is the biggest advantage brand placement can offer. The audience at the movie theater leaves the building with quite positive feelings about the brands used in the movie. Research suggests that brand awareness increases by 20% after such campaigns.

All of this shows that brand placement is a new form of communication that is mutually beneficial. If brands, production companies and content owners want to correctly execute this new form of communication that is brand placement, they undeniably have to work with professional agencies. This will both help create rewarding work for everyone and provide an opportunity to positively affect the audience. If the brand placement industry in Turkey is built on a solid ground and the brands communicate with their consumers through entertaining content, the industry will undoubtedly reach new heights.

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