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Top 5 Brand Placements: Coca Cola

1. Breaking Bad

The city of Albuquerque where Breaking Bad was shot is known for its hot climate. For this reason, frequent mentions of Coca-Cola on the TV show did not stick out at all. Coca-Cola was constantly seen in a fridge next to Walter White but even a more striking example was White’s words to the dealer who wanted him to withdraw his product: “Do you really wanna live in a world without Coca-Cola?”

Coca Cola Marka Yerleştirme

2. Stranger Things

The crushed Coca-Cola can in the hospital scene in the first episodes where we see Eleven’s powers for the first time probably caught everyone’s eye. The Coca-Cola we see next to Eleven triggers our desire for a drink as it crumples like a piece of paper.

Coca Cola Marka Yerleştirme

3. Shenmue

Coca-Cola wanted to improve its sales numbers in Japan, and they appeared in the much-awaited Shenmue. The protagonist guzzles down the coke he buys from the roadside vending machines (that only sold Coca-Cola) on hot days in Japan.

Coca Cola Marka Yerleştirme

4. The Road

In the movie that stars Viggo Mortensen, a massive climate change is underway and people act like cannibals. A father and son try to make it to the southern beaches where good people like them live. In the opening scene of the movie, the protagonist quenches his thirst with an undamaged Coca-Cola can he finds on the road.

Coca Cola Marka Yerleştirme

5. Elf

This movie has one of the most obvious brand placements that Coca-Cola has ever executed. Will Ferrell’s character is raised by elves but when he grows up, they send him back to New York. When Ferrell’s character grabs the Coca-Cola on the table and chugs it, everyone watches him in surprise.

Coca Cola Marka Yerleştirme

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