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The Kingdoms are Changing…

A true king is the one who advances humanity!

When we look at the most valuable brands of 15 years ago, we come across those who preferred traditional advertising. But today those companies who have almost zero traditional advertisements have become the most valuable ones. Or maybe we should rephrase: The brands that have the most powerful content and that have changed how they view economic growth and communication not only have come to prominence but have raised the bar very high with their incredible brand values.

Almost everyone knows the cliched message of a brand that talks about sales and being No. 1. But how can one achieve their goal when they repeat the same message that everyone already knows and are fully aware of through channels that are also very well known? How can you relate to a product that constantly tries to sell itself to you and claims that it is the best? What matters is that person chooses their own preferences, is it not?

Therefore we must first understand why we have to choose a certain way of communication before we think about which way to follow. The true and simple way is either to become a part of the content or to become the content. You know how every communication professional tries to write the story of the brand first? That story is not a static one. As the brand lives on it needs to be constantly rewritten. The more adventure, action, thrills or comedy that story includes, the closer we are to people. Only when we are a part of people’s lives can we take steps together to move forward and secure our place in the changing structure of kingdoms.

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