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The Difference of Brand and Product Placement

Product placement or brand placement? New standards are being formulated and developed in the product placement market that is currently very popular in the communications sphere of the brands. The term product placement has begun to gain a foothold in the industry, and one can say that this process has even accelerated when compared to the past.

That being said, brands have always been hesitant towards this new form of communication due to slower returns on investment, and now there is an ongoing debate as to what its name should be. The market that has formed is called “branded entertainment” globally; but the name changes to product placement when the medium is the movie industry. This is not surprising as there have always been confusion about what to call new concepts that are trying to take hold in the world, and this is no exception.

Marka ve Ürün Yerleştirme

Content owners need various products and they are creating a content; yet in today’s world almost all products are branded. Moreover, it is not just the logo on a product that makes them branded; their packaging, shape, color, design are all factors that contribute to the brand. Nowadays the brand transcends the function of the product, the name actually increases the value of the product.

Consequently, a product placement in a content that is also meaningful for the brand becomes brand placement because if the brand of the product is not recognizable in any shape or form, than placing that product in the content is futile. In that case, the issue at stake for the brand is not product placement but a branded product placement. Following on that logic, brand placement is a more accurate term to use than product placement. The main point is that when a content owner needs a product or wants to use a branded version of the product that they need for a fee, the supplier would care more about how this would help the brand rather than the product itself in both cases. What is as important is the potential boost that it would see in sales. Therefore, as the number of people who are aware of a brand increase, the possibility of a bigger market share likewise increases. A bigger market share leads to higher profits for the brand.


Bearing all that in mind, one can say that a brand will not execute a product placement if it is impossible for their brand to be recognized in that content. It will give permission for the use of its product if and only if it can be considered a brand placement. It is as simple as that. Therefore the term brand placement is now being used instead of product placement all around the world. That shows why the term product placement is not accurate.   

Tüm bunlar göz önünde bulundurulduğunda, hiçbir marka hiçbir şekilde markasının algılanmasının söz konusu olmadığı yere asla ürün yerleştirme yapmayacaktır. Sadece ve sadece marka yerleştirme yapıldığı takdirde markalı ürününü verecektir. Aslında denklem bu kadar basittir. O sebeple dünyada product placement yerine brand placement kullanılmaya başlamıştır. Bu da ürün yerleştirme tanımının doğru bir kullanım olmadığını gösteren adımlardan bir tanesidir.

At this point we feel like, and we hope that you would agree with us, that a self-congratulation is in order because our team that has founded this agency had started the use of the term brand placement ten years before everyone else. We have gifted the world with a more accurate term. The correct practice is to refer to it as brand placement as b.i.r. Agency does, not product placement.

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