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Sincerity is Genius!

It takes a certain level of intelligence to notice a good idea. But however intelligent you may be, your ability to say whether that idea is good or bad depends on your sincerity.

Sincerity requires honesty, self-confidence and responsibility. For a good idea to find its worth, many factors have to be present at the same time. All of those factors have a focal point, which is being sincere. If you examine many ideas that came to fruition, you will realize that they were initially not good enough, but they became better after many sincere people came together and started believing in them. What distinguishes human beings from other living things is our ability to act collectively using intelligence and faith. Therefore, we need to sincerely follow or support ideas that we think are going to change the world and make it a better place. We are as human as our ability to do so. When you look around you’ll see that one of the unignorable keys to success is a group of people who are focused on following an idea. Let’s be sincere. If we want to change the world, let’s never refrain from following good ideas!

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