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Is Our Life a Brand? Or Is the Brand Life Itself?

Beautiful things always have the capacity to become a brand

Copyrights, registries, patents or royalties… They all serve the purpose of showing us how important an idea is! We encounter ideas in life sometimes as a content, sometimes as a form, and sometimes as a design. However, in this day and age when we constantly speak of a world that is progressing, everything is on the path of turning into a content. So what is content? Is it in order to say that content is life itself, or a part of life that is hoped for and imagined?

Everything takes on a meaning as it turns into content. Brands have been writing their stories for a long time in order to become contents. However the end user always feels that something is amiss as these stories cannot fully become life itself. Many brands have failed to recognize this and thus could not have the profound stories that they needed. Today, the brands that have managed to become a part of life are competing against each other. We mention products not by their common names but by their brands. We don’t ask if someone would like chocolate, we ask if they would like “Brand”. Instead of asking people to move a car, we ask them to “move the Brand.” Brands have truly become a part of our everyday lives.

And it’s crystal clear why this is the case! There are brands that manage to become a part of our lives. Some brands spend an incredible amount of energy to achieve this, some succeed in writing their own stories. Does every single thing that can write its own story become a brand? Of course. But staying a brand requires a different kind of effort than becoming a brand. Effort and consistency! Even then survival is not enough as there is a need to remain a part of life. It looks like brands are an inseparable part of our lives, and many elements that will become a part of our lives are on a path to become products that have the capacity to turn into brands. Our point of view on this matter is to move forward with a circular economy. Whatever we may be or become, we need to have a circular economic perspective on progress so that we can stay human. People are collective entities, and we must know that we have to grow and develop together! 

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