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In Cinema Film Production; Film Financing, Sponsorship and Brand Placement, Part 4

In Film Production; We continue our film financing, sponsorship and brand placement title. We would like to state that we share information about the answers to many questions such as how films are made in the world, how the biggest companies in the world or independent films with big budgets are made, how the films are formed and how they make their investments. And before reading our blog post in Filmmaking; Film Finance, Sponsorship and Brand Placement, Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 are recommended. In addition, this series of blog posts will answer many questions for all those who are interested in these issues, but it should be known that these answers are the summary of a serious and extensive research and experience.
I think it is better understood how film sponsorship works up to this point. At the end, the entire budget of an average film made in Turkey will also share how this can be accomplished with financing method. Our advice to filmmakers in finding sponsorship is definitely to work with an agency. This is the only way you can achieve the perfect budget, right presentation, collaboration with the right brands, and a great cycle at the end of which all parties get maximum benefit.

We would like to point out that all stakeholders need to think more seriously about Brand Placement. Although we do not approve in our market, the business model called product placement is unfortunately not handled accurately and realistically. Both brands and filmmakers are experiencing serious losses in this matter, and the situation is reflected in the audience and only the audience is aware of the situation. Because the audience is so accustomed to the good examples made with cinema films and TV series that product installations made especially in our country that disrupt the integrity of the work are immediately pushed to destroy their perceptions or create bad images. Unfortunately, traditional advertisers and publishers do not know the integrity of the work. nowadays especially if he knew instantly they stand against the many laws in Turkey. Laws are generally enacted to serve media planning purchasing companies, advertising agencies, publishers, and the government. However, this is the approach that never serves the audience, the main stakeholders, the brand and most importantly the Content Owner. If we consider that the traditional advertising model still provides education in universities, it will be better understood how grave this situation is. Here is another section called innovative advertising. They also use this term in digital advertising or guerilla marketing. The term we use here is “Innovative Communication”. The word communication is a word that embraces all aspects of advertising and embraces new approaches. For this reason, we take the issue of brand placement at the center of this approach, which constitutes the main body of innovative communication, much more seriously. In digital advertising, unfortunately, under the traditional media habits and teachings began to be crushed and moribund, Content Marketing came into being. This new term, called Content Marketing, has begun to show how much we need to care about the event from a brand placement perspective and to keep the content ahead. Especially a player in Turkey, has a very important venue or affect the customer as accessories and content development chances. Believe me that brands still do not see enough opportunities in 2019 against the natural flow of life. As we said in the beginning, many of the world brands are cooperating with very serious agencies. Of course, we can say that the biggest factor that provides this is the fact that the producers are always in contact with agencies like us to develop business and get consultancy. Since the budgets for brand placement will not be able to benefit from tax reductions, it brings with it the necessity to manage the work in the most correct way on the brand and production side and to create the right opportunity for all parties under the right conditions.

In today’s global competition conditions, the brand placement business, which will provide the greatest contribution to the cyclical development of brands and content with the society, must be handled as soon as the scenario is formed at the beginning of the project. We can say that this process is evaluated by an agency and the parties are able to put their gains on the table in possible brand associations and organize the most effective way of brand placement by giving the parties the most accurate information. With all of this, brand placement can help to make a film. The concept of Brand Placement is divided into two parts: “Message Containing” and “Message Containing” brand placement. In addition, the brand is divided into three in terms of appearance. a) Design appearance, b) Reminder appearance, c) Brand appearance. All of these distinctions represent one by one and other values ​​as a whole. We have created these concepts for many years thanks to our international service agency. Because we have come across approaches that do not allow so much ridiculous value determination of those who do this work in the world, so if you tell them here, make sure you do not experience anything other than confusion.

A brand can be found in a content, either with or without a message. Either way, it is essential that it does not harm the content, improve the content, and contribute to the content. Then the appearance is decided. Design look, reminder look, brand look or all. In terms of content, there are many questions in which region of the script with which actors, how to stage, how to shoot and how long to be found. After these parts, an experience based price is generally determined by producers or agencies in the world. This is not the case in our agency. The brand placement value to be made to the content is determined with very important calculation formulas. In this formula, all rights belong to our agency. ☺
We cannot help but mention this because we have really worked hard to solve the biggest problems for brands and producers. In all of our applications we found that all parties, including the audience, were very, very pleased with the work done. It is unfortunately impossible to make a brand placement before these processes take place. Our advice is to get advice from a professional agent before starting a motion picture project.




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