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In Cinema Film Production; Film Financing, Sponsorship and Brand Placement, Part 3

In Film Production; Film Finance, Sponsorship and Brand Placement. We would like to state that we share information about the answers to many questions such as how films are made in the world, how the biggest companies in the world or independent films with big budgets are made, how the films are formed and how they make their investments. And before reading our blog post in Filmmaking; Film Finance, Sponsorship and Brand Placement, Part 1 and Part 2 are strongly recommended. In addition, this series of blog posts will answer many questions for all those who are interested in these issues, but it should be known that these answers are the summary of a serious and extensive research and experience.
We would like to tell you a little more in depth as the independent producers prefer the Cinema Film Sponsorship processes. In accordance with the laws of the United Nations and almost all of the constitutions of the states, works of art should be supported and creativity should be contributed to the development of society. In this respect, we can say that all world states have encouraging attitudes created by laws. In general, the brands that dominate this issue in America almost always support the works of art, whether or not mentioned, and sponsor them in every aspect. If you see that universal brands, sports, arts and cultural activities are developed in a country, this is definitely realized with the direct or indirect support of the states and brands to the cinema sector. When it comes to indirect support states like America, it is not wrong to say that brand awareness is developed. If brand awareness is improved, all brands support art works in their countries more. Because they know that societies and the world prefer their brands much more easily and brands grow rapidly. Brands take this job so seriously that they can even organize the making of films on their own brands. Because almost all of the communication tools used by brands are consumed and disappeared very quickly as a temporary and popular culture product. The first rule of becoming an international universal brand is to increase brand value before its products. Hundreds of world brands that are recognized in the world but cannot be explained exactly what they do.

The current era is governed by a subjective value economy. Therefore, it is undeniable that people must be focused to be valued and demanded. If you become human-oriented and live the customer experience through the content, the society begins to value and demand the brand. In this way, the issue of brand value is raised much more seriously. Nowadays, the best proven solution that will enable brands to be demanded and eliminate the problem of increasing the value is sponsoring films or brand placement. Unless you have an idea to turn your brand into a content. At this point, we strongly recommend that brands develop their association with content (cinema-series-video, etc.). If possible, brands should direct a large part of their communication budget to the branded entertaiment branded entertainment sector. The chance of becoming a brand with traditional advertising is decreasing and almost disappearing day by day. Adding value to brands and becoming more demanding with a professional agency specialized in this subject is a much more effective method. Back to the outline of our topic, sponsorship is vital for independent producers. Regarding the independent producers, the most common issue of the sponsors is that they do not see the general value of their fees. The main reason for this problem is that companies generally do not work with a professional agency on these issues and make their own decisions. They may be inadequate to choose the right job, the right project, the most beneficial project for them, or they don’t know enough about the project. For example, our agency is mainly the potential to produce almost all the movies in Turkey and neighboring countries has created a very serious way tracking system. In this way, the film is aware of the beginning of the production of the right project and the right brands can combine. Since these processes are managed correctly, brands can get effective results.

Sponsorship brings high returns for filmmakers, but it is never enough to cover the entire budget of a production. Generally, half of the maximum production budget of a film can be sponsored. This figure will also vary depending on the growth of the production and communication budget of the film. Let’s assume that the budget of a movie is 10 million TL, and that the communication budget is 4 million TL, in which case you can find up to 50% sponsors. Because the sponsor company knows that your movie will be mentioned a lot. This will naturally increase the possibility of mentioning the sponsor. If you ask how a project is prepared correctly in terms of sponsorship, let us briefly list the right conditions; The story of the film is very good, the film has a high chance to watch or high quality artistic value by making high quality, target audience, with the right actors, team and equipment to shoot, date to be published, the sponsor will be correctly calculated communication values ​​and most importantly the communication budget of the film.
We could have written here on many more conditions, but it is much more accurate for professional agencies like us to examine and analyze whether those conditions have occurred. Because every article we write is the subject of dozens of books. For example, we say “the right story.. I think we all know that it is necessary to undergo very serious training to understand the right story. A story that is very nice to us cannot be adapted to cinema most of the time. For this reason, one of the Oscar awards is given to the best adaptation scenario. It is not only enough to understand the good story, but also to study how to adapt it to cinema. That’s why we said that even the summary of our article will be long ☺



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