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In Cinema Film Production; Film Finance, Sponsorship and Brand Placement, Part 5

In Film Production; We continue our film financing, sponsorship and brand placement title. We would like to state that we share information about the answers to many questions such as how films are made in the world, how the biggest companies in the world or independent films with big budgets are made, how the films are formed and how they make their investments. And before reading our blog post in Filmmaking; Film Finance, Sponsorship and Brand Placement, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 are recommended. In addition, this series of blog posts will answer many questions for all those who are interested in these issues, but it should be known that these answers are the summary of a serious and extensive research and experience.

Yes, now let’s see how much funding a brand placement business in the world of film. After answering many questions of the film’s budget, actors, screenwriting power, publication date, channel, etc., you can see how much funding can be as a result of the value derived from the brand placement opportunity. At the moment, films that do this right in the world finance half of the film budget to a minimum without placing a brand. Many well-planned businesses even finance almost the entire film with brand placement fees. For example, almost all James Bond films made after the year 2000 won more than their entire budget thanks to such partnerships. There are some films that even create their own brands and products. From Bond lighter to Star Wars lightsaber, we can count thousands of products and brands. Everyone may think that not every product can be branded. On the contrary, we can give thousands of examples. From industrial machines to lavobo openers, from logistic services to a historical costume, many products and services can be branded. This area, which is used mostly by brands that act to become a global brand, is a valid fund for all products and services. Since the biggest dream of content producers is to be universal, these collaborations with brands also benefit the society. Brand placement in the natural flow of life should have served its development in humanity. When we consider all these things together, it is inevitable that serious budgets will be formed in terms of financing. The main objective should be to make the greatest contribution to the viewing pleasure and development of the audience by spending these formed budgets correctly. If brand placement is considered this way, it is also likely to be the main source of financing of films.

At the beginning of our article, we talked about Studio Producers. Now let’s get back there. We talked about the financing power of licensing, motion picture sponsorship, brand placement. At the end of our article, I think that at worst, when an independent producer designs a right project and works with the right agency, I think we have explained that you can finance the entire film through licensing, sponsorship and brand placement. Of course, in addition to these, we do not go into the subject of investor partnership, government incentives and funds, which is the most used method by studio producers. In countries such as America, England, France and Spain, films can be produced almost without a penny from the filmmaker’s pocket. Thanks to these methods, the competitiveness of the producers in those countries increases. It is usually enough for the producer to spend money on finding and developing ideas. Afterwards, budgets can be collected far beyond the necessary film financing by investors, funds, incentives, sponsorship, license and brand placement. The most important reason why the idea is so valued is that they know the subjective value economy very well. Remember, the paper we call money today was just an idea in time.

At the end of our article series, we said that we will share a model business model with you. If you want to make a film, you must first know that your start-up capital should be at least 10% of the entire budget of the film. If you have a budget of 10 million TL, you should have 1 million TL to carry out these initial processes. If you are in Turkey, this figure will increase even more. Unfortunately, brand awareness is still not at this level in our country. Maybe after this article we change things and our brands can say that there should be at least 30-40% of your budget on the basis of our work in Turkey bakar☺ But to be realistic and more professional experience. Then work with a professional agency to manage these tasks. At that point, you can see how accurately you can finance your movie. There are many more methods that we do not describe here. From pre-sales, investor partnerships, product manufacturing to distributor agreements, government subsidies and funds. If your main goal is to be free while making films, it is always best to work with brands. For this reason, we have described here a model aimed at freedom of the producer, brand and audience. If you have equity capital in the 30-40% band, it can be determined by your agency whether your film can be made with license, sponsorship and brand placement methods. Both brands and filmmakers should never manage these processes without the agency. Unfortunately, big mistakes are made in this regard. If you try to manage it yourself, you may never have the chance to eliminate the damage. Brand Placement is the most important item in terms of finance here. Because a brand in the natural flow of the scenario always has the chance to immortalize the audience. Now, considering that we have a 40% budget and a very strong scenario, let’s not forget that we may be able to determine how strong and valuable our film is in terms of license, sponsorship and brand placement. In the case of economy brands in Turkey are pressing their feet due to the more controlled. just an idea to join brands in Turkey is very difficult. We know that although brands that we think of as the agency won a lot of very good, there are many major brands in Turkey is going through great difficulties. Therefore, if you do not have a good idea, your business model is very difficult to realize. The power of your film will open all doors, from language to sponsorship to brand placement. You gain this power only with professionals. In terms of brands, working with an agency that is aware of all the contents and able to make the right budget will make it possible to achieve the most productive results in order to become a stakeholder with strong jobs.

If you have any comments or questions about our article, please let us know. For more advice, please contact our agency. We wish everyone the opportunity to become a stakeholder with great jobs. Yours,



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