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In Cinema Film Production; Film Finance, Sponsorship and Brand Placement, Part 2

In Film Production; We continue our film financing, sponsorship and brand placement title. We would like to state that we share information about the answers to many questions such as how films are made in the world, how the biggest companies in the world or independent films with big budgets are made, how the films are formed and how they make their investments. And before reading our blog post in Filmmaking; Film Finance, Sponsorship and Brand Placement, Part 1. In addition, this series of blog posts will answer many questions for all those who are interested in these issues, but it should be known that these answers are the summary of a serious and extensive research and experience.
The issue of brand placement or product placement and sponsorship often proceed at the same time and the process begins with the end of the scenario. Most of the time, studio producers receive consultancy from agencies on these issues during script writing and at every stage of production. However, the most serious work starts on the agency side as soon as the scenario ends. The agency evaluates the script, actor agreements, shooting dates, broadcasting dates, and areas that can create in-film licenses for almost everything in terms of brand placement and sponsorship. The most important secret of this work that few agencies in the world can do is the difficulty of finding an agency that dominates both cinematography and the advertising branch of communication.
Many agencies consider sponsorship and brand placement as finding finance while working on motion pictures. This is the biggest mistake to do. Sponsorship and Brand placement is the work of realizing organizations that will add value to brands while increasing the quality of production. The more special and beautiful the brand, the happier it will be. In the same way, the more beautiful the film, the more the audience will be happy with the products used by the brands. This work is a structure that everyone is happy to win. So you know that making everyone happy is a difficult task. At this point, when the cooperation with the right agency is achieved, it will become clear how much sponsorship and brand placement fees can be charged and how to work. Studio producers generally manage these issues seriously with their agencies. Because the biggest financial support the film will get before the filming will come from the brand placement sponsorship. Studio producers distinguish themselves from other independent producers in a single point. In general, they focus more on the investor partner and Brand Placement than on sponsorship. There is a very important point to know at this point. We need to know that sponsorship means branding outside the film means being involved in the film. Sponsor brands often do not appear in the film at the same time. In general, this is due to the obvious legal difference of the purpose of the two works. Sponsorship means supporting a production without waiting for a return. It’s kind of like help. It is only about announcing PR assistance and focusing on the realization of the film as a whole. For this reason, the sponsoring company benefits from tax discounts. In this way, both the film supports and the brand’s social responsibility in terms of art and society has the opportunity to announce the sensitivity of the press. While doing so, it can also deduct the expenses incurred from the income tax. At this point, there is not much chance of the brand to intervene in the film. It focuses only on the work of art and focuses on the realization of the work of art.

Thanks to this approach of the sponsoring companies, while contributing to the cultural development of the society, it creates a great benefit to its image and most importantly, there is no additional budgetary burden for the company due to tax reductions. To list the gains of the sponsors of the cinema film in terms of communication; sponsorship, mentioning the support of the producer and the teams of the film, highlighting the brand at the press conferences, giving priority to the brand (gala, preview etc.) logo display in various organizations, using the logo of the sponsor in the advertisements of the film, and raising the image of the sponsor in the social sense. Studio producers do not even need to use these areas by any brand other than their own. Because in brand placement, they both position the brands in the film in the most accurate way and they do not even need to focus on sponsorship revenues since they have obtained very serious financing with brand placement. The focus of studio producers on financing is Brand Placement, License acquisitions, Product Development and Co-Investors. After making the logos of the films, they are open to proposals on these issues at every stage. These funding instruments are used until the day a film is released. We know and witness closely from our researches and our own studies that many films made in the last 20 years have gained much higher than the production budget through brand placement and similar financing activities. In addition, as you know, our agency can say for the moment the only agency that can provide this service in Turkey in the international standards.


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