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In Cinema Film Production; Film Finance, Sponsorship and Brand Placement, Part 1

In this article, we will give information about how to make films in the world, how to make the biggest companies in the world or independent films with big budgets, how to make films financing and how they make their investments. Therefore, we recommend that our readers who are curious about these works or who do these works read our article carefully. We would also like to point out that this article will answer many questions, but it should be known that these answers are the summary of a serious and large research and experience. Therefore, due to the length of our article will publish in chapters.

If it is necessary to explain the parts of Film Finance as a summary:

  1. Research and Development Finance
  2. Story and Scenario Writing Finance
  3. Presentation, Concept Art, Storyboard, Production Research and Development Finance
  4. Pre-construction preparations preparation of legal contracts financing period
  5. Financing of preparations before shooting (with finalization of shooting date)
  6. Production and post-production financing
  7. Finance of communication, advertising and distribution

We can sort it.

In our article, we will explain construction finance issues, which are not completely dependent on the above order and which are outside the state funds, in the order realized in the market conditions. This will help you to be informed about the market conditions and to fully understand how it works. Naturally, we think that it will be much more explanatory to explain how studio producers have financed a big-budget film to help you understand the issue better. We know that the biggest budget films are made under the most problematic and difficult conditions.

There are very serious differences between branded trustees and independent filmmakers. Warner Bros., Walt Disney, Paramount, UIP (united international pictures) and so on. we can call the producers “Studio ile in the form of trustees or in the American Dictionary of Film Terms. These companies are called Studio producers. The meaning of the studio producer is that all the equipment, the studios are their own and they have the financial power to get all the copyrights from all the teams they work for. In addition, when compulsory molds use a plateau outside their own equipment or spaces, these companies are producers who have the power to construct, use, destroy or carry their plateau in different spaces. In addition to these features, studio producers generally form their companies in three main sections, Production-License / Copyright-Distribution. The copyrights of their films are completely their own, they are produced by themselves and they are distributed by themselves. Don’t be fooled by the fact that the structure is so big, and the fact that the structure is so big gives studio makers great opportunities in filmmaking. Therefore, they can easily monopolize. Although states have obstacle laws, they cannot be said to be very successful. Thanks to these opportunities, they have the chance to realize very big productions without spending any money from their own capital. Most of the films he made by investing in his capital do not exceed the 20% scale among all his films.

So how do they make films without the need for capital or profits? First of all, they value the idea too much. The idea they want to film is very serious and they evaluate it in every way. They never engage in a project without a universal story and no goal. The objectives of the project are generally cultural, social, political, current, historical, future prediction, technological message, artistic etc. from one angle to another. It is sieved in a serious sense, both in terms of profit and messages to the society. Never take the financing part of the film into account. After these stages, the budget is checked. First they decide whether or not to make the film. Once this decision is made, it is considered for financial reasons. Because, as we said in the beginning, studio producers have many alternatives for financing. Here we will focus on how filmmaking in general takes place. Otherwise we know very well that these big companies sometimes make films with very different collaborations. First, if the story and script were found suitable for my production, film production would be started. Then the scenario name is decided as definite and unchangeable. This name immediately begins to work with agencies and the logo of the film’s name is revealed. This logo is vital. Think of the logos of movies like Superman or Batman. They are all like brands. This logo design process is very important. Because the financing of the film starts with this logo. A vital importance is given to the licensing process, along with the logo of the movie title or hero. The logo of the film is often released before the actors. In this way, negotiations for license and partnership agreements.


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