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Age Of Information In Advertising

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While the splendor of the power of words changes the world, the power of visual changes the future of the world. The sensitivity of people to the visual has always allowed them to travel in the unique space of thought. This led to very easy understanding of journey cycles.

When you want a perception to occur in a short period of time, it will only get to the body with storytelling. Story or commercial? The commercial film is the repeated injection of didactic messages into the brain in a short time. Being story or content allows you to keep in mind at once and create a glorious experience of your main message. This is why you should tell stories or content instead of doing a commercial. Thanks to your content that is focused on people, you will not only enter minds, but volunteers, and you will remain there for a long time.

And how will we do that? First of all, we need to move away from the communication concepts of traditional creative or strategy agencies. It is not so easy to discover the cycle of this experimental world, where the world of the future is very fast, and to create your own cycle. Although there are a lot of ways, which one of these ways will you build a permanent future for you? Here is the biggest problem you should discover. We have to do all these for our brand and product, in the conceptual journey of our renewed world, to plank correctly, to create the best strategies and to create the cycle of our story.

Now let’s open up what we said from the beginning. How did Apple do movies to be content? Or how and what content has Starbucks to anneal the world? They’re either content or part of the content. Here we share a few examples of the work of the brands standing at this point.

We should create content rather than advertising, and we should not forget that performing the productions of the content gives us serious financial benefits. Imagine you have a viral content that will spread spontaneously and makes your philosophy spread all over the world. The agencies that can do this and the brands that prefer this route are unfortunately very few. But the brands that prefer this path have already found the way to be memorable. Almost all of the brands of the last 20 years are coming up with their stories. Think about it, from social campaign videos on the Internet, from short films, from web series to viral movies, from narrator instructional content to interviews, recipes, challenge campaigns or even movie productions. Brands that make visual storytelling manage to be unforgettable.

b.i.r agency is one of the rare agencies that set out to do this right in the world; it provides services to brands in a wide perspective from developing content strategy to film production services.

Now think about it, you are want to increase your brand’s product sales or raise your image.. Do you want to be forgotten when you make advertisements and spend big budgets and then don’t broadcast the ad constantly? Of course nobody would want to. However, the agencies that offer other ways are unfortunately very few. Communication with the purchase of continuous media-focused media planning will always be costly. To produce content that people are wondering and to say more clearly; The most effective way to choose is to give more value to creativity and to focus on strategy and creativity at the same time.

From this perspective, both your production budgets and your media planning purchasing budgets will be considerably reduced. The most important point of marketing from human to human is to understand that people are becoming increasingly autodidactic. Now, people love learning story and experiencing stories more. Advertising in the world of autodidactic humanity means you never understand them. They learn, read, and learn from the internet and do it most auditory and visual. They even share with each other, teach each other. The biggest reason for this is that ın ’human experience need’ increases day by day. In our world, where a big world is becoming impossible to fit billions of different life experiences into a single life, the fastest experience offers video visuals.

The simple and best strategy to do when you think about all this; at least spend, to reach the most people and content-oriented production with maximum interaction to reach the most people by spending the least amount of money. And it provides the most interaction, but ” content-oriented planned ” production. If will be all production processes and production costs are planned in this way; The cost of purchasing media planning will be considerably reduced. We will not advertise anymore, but will tell our story in the right way; It is the time to do it with the ” brand placement ” philosophy such as promotional film, advertising film (content film for us), webisode, challenge, viral film. To do this, you should work with an agency that knows both communication science and content creation very well.

While many agencies do not know how to take a journey with the change of commercial film production approaches, the number of agencies that are courageous and pioneer in the development of these approaches in the world will not exceed the fingers of a hand. Due to the nature of the work, many traditional agencies have to adapt to this change. However, agencies that did not adopt this approach to establishment genes; It is obvious that after the change experienced today, will adapt to both themselves and their brands in order to adapt to the future.

Our point of view is that non-professional agencies in content no longer have much chance in the new order. They will either learn how to develop content (working with content developers and creating a loop for brands) or we will continue to see a lot of brands that are quickly recognized and then disappear immediately.

Creating a brand, increasing the value, and making a circular contribution to sales is a must. While brands, products, experienced influencers and consumers create a circular life style, communication science cannot be expected to act outside this approach.

b.i.r As the agency, we have seen that the science of communication has changed very rapidly 10 years ago. For that reason, we have designed all our strategy, creative and production power with years of work on these subjects. Perhaps, we can call it the first agency in the world. Prioritizing the value of brands and the creation of quality content and we design the communication cyclically. Do you spend linear energy to become a brand by advertising? If you don’t, will you be content, create your story and catch cyclical growth? We always continue our journey towards the right brands on the cyclic side.

We will wait for you.

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